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Can you help?

Camsley Grange RDA Group is a small, volunteer-run charity which relies on the generosity of its supporters for around 90% of its income. Can you help sponsor us?

It is lucky enough to receive support from regular donors, however each year is always a funding challenge for us. Although we apply to local and national charitable trusts for grants, we are not always successful.

We need regular donations to help us keep our horses fit and healthy for the benefit of our disabled riders. Even the most modest regular donations are very welcome and can make a big difference. To give you some idea of what we can use donations to fund, some examples  are shown in the table below. (The amounts are based on the group being able to claim Gift Aid on your donations).

Example Sponsor Amounts

Typical examples of what your money could buy
Amount Purchases For
£5 Horse Care items for one pony
£10 2 weeks worth of straw for one pony
£15 2 weeks worth of feed for one pony
£20 1 months farriery and shoeing for one pony
£180 1 months livery for one pony