Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA)


What is YELA?

The Young Equestrian Leaders AwardThe Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA) is an award scheme run by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and designed to recognise the time and effort young volunteers give to equestrianism and shape their experience, so they become equestrian leaders of the future.

The Riding for the Disabled Association is a member body of the BEF and participates in the award scheme, providing opportunities for young volunteers to attain the awards. Young people who volunteer with Camsley Grange RDA Group are encouraged to participate in the scheme.

The Young Equestrian Leaders Award scheme runs over three progressive levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze requires 20 hours of volunteering and introduces skills in responsibility, organisation and communication. Silver develops these further. The Gold Award requires 120 hours of volunteering, encouraging leadership and the planning and delivery of a specific project.

Why do YELA?

YELA demonstrates commitment, leadership and responsibility and provides a great springboard to a whole host of fantastic experiences in equestrianism. YELA may lead candidates down many different paths: coaching, horse care, fundraising, training and mentoring volunteers and much more besides.

Participating in the Young Equestrian Leaders Award scheme is a hugely rewarding experience, and through volunteering enables participants to help others enjoy equestrian sports and feel a great sense of achievement in return.

From Bronze to Gold, the award is a challenging journey which develops not only equestrian knowledge but the skills for life that everyone is looking for from employers to colleges and universities.

By taking part in the scheme candidates will make friends, learn skills and gain experiences which will stay with them long after they leave the yard.

How do I find out more

If you wish to find out more about the award scheme you can visit the YELA official website.

If you are interested in participating in the YELA scheme by volunteering with Camsley Grange RDA Group then please use the Contact Form to get in touch and chose the subject “I’d Like to volunteer”.